Aquatic Baffles & Deflectors


We have collaborated with numerous utility companies to create customised, durable, and semi-permanent baffles and deflectors that prevent algae, silt, and floating and uprooted macrophytes from entering and potentially shutting down off-take pumping stations in water storage reservoirs. 

Promising results and acquired expertise suggest that this highly cost-effective approach will continue to find widespread and diverse applications across the industry.

If you’d like to discuss how these solutions could be used for your water body, please contact us

Baffle systems are directional flow control systems that extend retention times in water treatment facilities, such as oxidation ponds, reservoirs, lochs & wastewater plants. 

The installations can provide numerous benefits, including improved water quality, enhanced treatment, and thus cost-efficiency. By extending retention times, baffles enable mobile silts in suspension to drop out of the water column, resulting in cleaner water leaving the system. Their versatility and adaptability make them suitable for diverse applications.

The baffle featured prevented mobile macrophytes from entering the off-take pumps of one of Thames Waters major London reservoir, this allowed time for the weed to be removed and disposed of using a weed harvester.