Biomanipulation & Fish Curtains

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Biomanipulation & Fish Curtains can help balance multi-recreational usage of water bodies, whilst improving biodiversity and environmental enhancement.

Urban and recreational lakes offer a variety of leisure pursuits, such as fishing, boating, swimming, feeding wildfowl, ornithology, or simply relaxing. However, accommodating these numerous activities can put immense pressure on them, resulting in: 

  • Poor water quality, algae blooms, smells etc.
  • Excessive wildfowl populations
  • Sudden fish mortalities
  • Lack of invertebrates & amphibians
  • Poor plant diversity or denuded banks

Silt Curtains UK has been at the forefront of deploying semi-permanent floating biomanipulation barriers and achieving remarkable results for wildlife groups, agencies, and water authorities as far afield as Brazil.

When the carp population seems to have exploded across every conceivable aquatic environment, often to the detriment of traditional flora and fauna biomanipulation barriers can be part of the solution. The photo to the right demonstrates a rapid improvement in water quality less than a week following installation.

Our approach successfully improves aquatic ecosystems and enhances water quality. We encourage you to contact us for an impartial assessment of your water body to determine if it is a suitable candidate for biomanipulation.