Oil, Pollution & Debris Booms


Oil & Chemical Booms

Oil & Chemical Booms from Silt Curtains UK provide a reliable and effective solution for containing and absorbing spills, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

These custom-made booms are designed to address the unique challenges of each site, offering unparalleled performance in encapsulating spills without any leaching using hydrophobic spill socks. 

Our booms are usually deployed to absorb hydrocarbon spills if they occur, however they can be adapted for use against a wide range of chemicals, our products are bespoke and designed for the client’s particular requirements.

Constructed from a choice of fabrics, our oil booms feature a nitrogen-foamed polyethylene core that remains uncompromised, we can fabricate to any size but generally up to 200mm of above-water and 300mm of below-water coverage. 

The integral ballast chain prevents pollutants from passing beneath the boom, whilst eyebolts along the length of the boom allow for easy attachment of ropes, anchors, and oil-absorbing socks. These Oil Selective (hydrophobic) Absorbent Socks, are made from high-quality polypropylene, they can be easily attached to the inner face of the boom for enhanced containment and adsorption of contaminants.

In the event of a spill, spent socks can be swiftly replaced, ensuring ongoing effectiveness and minimal disruption to your site’s operations.


Debris Booms

Silt Curtains UK is a trusted provider of versatile and durable Debris Booms, designed and fabricated to meet a variety of project requirements. 

Our experienced team create custom solutions, ranging from flexible geotextile materials to robust steel systems. Whether you need a temporary or permanent installation, we have the expertise to develop debris booms suitable for a wide array of applications.