Silt & Turbidity Curtains

The installation of silt curtains is now standard practice in the UK for a wide range of applications, but predominantly to control and contain silt dispersion during civil engineering works or dredging projects. 

Our turbidity curtains consist of a fabric curtain with an integrated flotation system at the top, a geotextile curtain hanging down into the water column, and a ballast chain at the bottom to keep it secured to the benthic zone. This design prevents silt from escaping beneath the curtain.

We offer light to extra heavy grade products according to the hydrodynamics of the site.

A reliable silt curtain provider, like Silt Curtains UK, will always aim to offer the best value product solution to their clients, ensuring that silt is effectively managed and contained. We do not have off the shelf curtains in store, as they are rarely correct for your particular project, and we can often provide a purpose-built size the same day.

We are often asked for permeable silt curtains, unfortunately these are a marketing ploy, and such a product doesn’t exist, most silt curtains are initially permeable to some extent for a day or two, and then they blind, so they become 100% impermeable. If you have a tricky site with flow, we will honestly advise you on the best practical solution.

Silt curtains 3

Silt Curtains UK provides a 24/7 emergency fabrication and installation service from our dedicated fabrication unit on the Isle of Wight.

We can supply silt curtains to any length (1.2km being our longest one-piece curtain) and most depths (we have now supplied three curtains to 30m deep) for the civil engineering, utility, and environmental sectors worldwide. We have agents and depots across the UK and Europe. We offer clients strong, cost-effective products tailored to their specific requirements, and offer installation advise via video link, or we can install the system for you to give peace of mind.

By understanding the project’s installation details we can ensure the best silt curtain solution and service is provided.