Silt Curtains UK

Silt Curtains UK brings over 20 years of innovation, development, and R&D to the table as the UK's longest-established silt curtain designer, producer, and installer.

Our expertise and reliable products ensure your project's success. With a 24/7 emergency fabrication, delivery, and installation service, we provide one-piece, fully assembled silt curtains ready for immediate deployment.


Strength, Performance and Affordability

Originally developed for our own dredging projects, over the past 20 years we’ve continued to refine our silt curtains to increase their strength, performance, affordability, and ease of deployment

Silt Curtains UK offers bespoke, project specific, floating silt and turbidity curtains, oil and chemical pollution booms, aquatic baffles, fishery partitions, biomanipulation curtains, moon pools, and biological barriers to cater to a wide range of industry and environmental requirements.

Alongside other companies in The Aquatic Group, you can trust us to be your partner of choice for all aquatic project needs.

Our Products